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Galasys’ Powerful Hit on 2018 Hong Kong AAE Expro

The release date:2018-12-28

The opening ceremony of Hong Kong AAE (Asian Attractions Expo 2018) was officially held on June 6th, symbolizing the official kick-off of the current Asian Attractions Expo. The ceremony invited Huang Weilun, Director of the Development Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government; Andreas Andersen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JP, IAAPA 2018; Hal McEvoy, IAAPA Acting President and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer; and Gao Huaqin, Vice President of IAAPA Asia Pacific, as the officiating guest, and it also attracted many industry leaders from world-renowned theme parks and related support units.

As one of the top attraction exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region, AAE has always been highly regarded by professionals in the industry due to its internationalization.

The highly anticipated AAE 2018 got a breakthrough of over 300 exhibitors and 8,000 professionals from all over the world. They exhibited innovative products and services, many of which indicated a new concept that tells future industry trends.

Galasys as adomestic top provider for themed amusement information an integrated linkage plan across industries, regions and groups. It has already provided global integrated management platform and other related professional services for various large-scale tourism development group and tourist attraction operators.

During the expo, Galasys presented its professional services and leading smart tourism information products to all the professionals participating the summit.

Smart Tourism Information Products Include:

1) Ticketing system

2) Commodity and catering system

3) Smart card system

4) Theater system

5) Spa resorts system

6) Ski resort system

7) Cruise and car system

8) Distinctive town system

Professional Services Include:

1) Support various financial payment methods

2) All-for-one tourism smart marketing CLOTA platform

3) Cloud platform structure

4) Fundamental strength for hardware design, research and development

5) Professional training and after-sale team

Hundreds of companies, enterprises and individuals visited the booth of Galasys and discussed in detail about the consulting information solution on potential projects. The clients, except those from the mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, came mostly from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries and regions, and some were from Europe and the United States and other overseas countries.

Participating in the AAE 2018 is an important measure for Galasys to implement its internationalization strategy. The face-to-face communication with potential customers and industrial partners at the expo makes it highly efficient for the sales team to understand customer needs, research the latest industry trends, actively optimize sales strategies, and increase successful contract signing proportions. In this way, they made their contributions to enhance the company's future performance to maintain a leading position in the industry.