Job titleHiringWorking placeRelease time
File Manager1 personBeijing2018-12-29

Description of Job

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the collection, organization and filing of project related materials;

2. Collect and organize all technical changes, negotiation records, meeting minutes and other materials during the implementation of the project;

3. Responsible for filling in, sorting, submitting and filing of the record filing materials;

4. Weekly and monthly report statistics;

5. Other work assigned by the leadership.

Qualifications and other requirements:

1. Bachelor degree;

2. Love post and dedication, clear thinking, and with power of understanding;

3. With strong executive ability, organizational coordination and communication skills;

4. With skilled operation of office software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.);

5.For those who have 1-3 years of relevant work experience are preferred, or excellent fresh graduates.

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UI designer1 personBeijing2018-12-29

Description of Job

Job Responsibilities

1 Provide creativity and design solutions in conjunction with new products and functions of the product development department;

2 Responsible for tracking product effects and user experience, and propose design optimization solutions;

3 According to the requirements, complete the static web design of the PC terminal and mobile terminal, and cooperate with the production, technology and other departments to achieve dynamic interaction effects;

4 Independently design of all aspects of the project on time and demand, including cutting, marking, visual testing to ensure the online effect;

Job Requirements

1 3-5 years of UI design work experience, bachelor degree or above in fine arts or design, fine art and arts colleges’ graduates are preferred;

2 With independent design product UI capability, and have online project case, product awareness, able to proactively solve problems;

3 Have good aesthetic ability and strong creativity, a strong grasp of color and composition, and can accurately control the overall style and color of the product;

4 Have a deep understanding of the aesthetic requirements of visual specifications and user interaction, and can control the overall UI image of the company;

5 Have a forward-looking design concept, understand and be familiar with domestic and foreign enterprise service products or website products;

6 Skilled in using Photoshop/illustrator/Sketch/ and other design software; with graphic advertising design, website design and production skills; strong understanding analysis, creative design ability and color matching ability; high initiative, good at communication, patient and meticulous, and with strong responsibility.

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Visual designer1 personBeijing2018-12-29

Description of Job

Job Responsibilities:

1. Lead the visual design part of the project, and effectively convey the product concepts and brand image through design methods such as page layout, color, font, UI elements, icons, animation effects, and hand-painting skills;

2. Participate in all phases from creative to implementation of the product cycle;

3. Analyze product requirements and user needs, plan design plans, and define visual concepts and extract design elements to facilitate project completion;

4. Work closely with other interaction designers, product managers, and engineers in an efficient collaboration.

Job Requirements:

1. 3 years of industry experience, visual communication, human-computer interaction or other related majors, bachelor degree or above;

2. Broad design vision and deep design knowledge, especially have strong interest and sensitivityfor Internet products;

3. Finely use design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.);

4. Excellent analytical skills, problem solving skills, and critical thinking;

5. Understand the principles of interaction design and usability;

6. Have a passion for design that can resonate with users;

7. Have good communication and expression skills, while having designing thinking leadership;

8. Understand the advantages and limitations of the Internet and mobile technologies;

9. Candidates are required to provide works.

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Sales and Operations Director1 personBeijing2018-06-07

Description of Job

Job Responsibilities:

1. As a core member of the sales management team, participate in daily team management.

2. Monitor sales and market dynamics, update and revise customer status.

3. Implement sales performance plan and performance incentive plan to ensure that the performance reward mechanism works in a timely and effective manner.

4. Supervise the sales team management system in place; sales projects follow-up in order; sales forecasts are timely and accurate.

5. Coordinate resources and implement the core capacity improvement plan for sales team members.

6. Implement and maintain the sales force efficiency tracking program to improve management efficiency and report timeliness.

7. Lead Solutions selling to help sales teams improve their work performance.

8. Fully responsible for promoting the access and daily data maintenance of the CRM system to ensure the information accurate and timely updates.

9. Organize or lead the construction, policies and regulations of the sales process to promote the standardization of sales management and improve the efficiency of management operations.

10. Other related work from leadership arrangements for sales management or support .

Job Requirements:

1. Academic qualifications: General University with Bachelor’s Degree

2. Salary: Negotiable

3. Major: Marketing major is preferred.

4. Work knowledge: With CRM experience, strong analytical skills, skilled application of Microsoft Office software

5. Language: Chinese, fluent English communicator is preferred

6. Other requirements: have market sales management experience

7. Work experience requirements: At least five years of work experience in the following areas: Commercial operations management or sales operations management or business analysis

Ability requirements:

1. Excellent organizational and coordination skills and efficient working methods;

2. Excellent interpersonal relationship handling skills, meticulous work, strict work style, and vigorous workmanship;

3. Have a strong sense of initiative, eager to succeed, and have a strong sense of urgency;

4. Ability to handle multiple issues at the same time and efficiently;

5. Ability to influence others and motivate others

6. Can accept work requirements for short-term domestic business trips.

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Java senior development engineer1 personBeijing2018-06-07

Description of Job

Job Responsibilities:

1. Independently complete the system analysis and design of medium and large-scale projects, and be able to complete the preparation of core code to ensure that the technical solutions can be completed according to the requirements of the plan and with high quality;

2. With a certain technical architecture thinking, and ensure that the design of the technical program, and the development of the code has higher performance, quality assurance, scalability, and forward-looking;

3. Have a strong research and learning spirit of technology; can deeply understand the relevant technical principles of open source technology, existing system technology, etc.; when problems arise, can solve problems through strong technical means.

Job Requirements:

1. JAVA foundation is solid; understand io, multi-threading, video, distributed, collection and other basic frameworks; have a certain understanding of the JVM principle;

2. The use of JAVA development experience for 3 years and above, and understand the principles and mechanisms for the used open source framework;

3. For those who are familiar with springmvc, spring session, spring LDAP, spring boot, spring core, spring integration, vue.js+bootstrap, html5+css3+less, webpark and other open source frameworks are preferred;

4. Familiar with the design and application of distributed systems such as Dubbo+zookeeper and Activity workflow, and can reasonably apply distributed common technologies and solve problems;

5. Familiar with load balancing, caching, database high availability design and performance evaluation mechanism of Reddis large-scale system;

6. Familiar with tomcat, nginx and other web containers, have extensive experience in deploying and maintaining Web services;

7. With micro-services, SOA, REST (such as jaxrs, dubbo) framework development or use experience is preferred;

8. For those who can accept the frequent business trips are preferred.

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