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Wisdom sharing&, practical innovation - Highlights of 2018 Themetrex Themed Amusement Industrial Summit

The release date:2018-12-28

In 2018, the Themetrex Themed Amusement Industrial Innovation Summit was grandly held on June 13-14 at the Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel. The conference focused on the innovation and development of the theme amusement industry and responded to the national “the Belt and Road” cultural policy, converging a number of theme park industry leaders at home and abroad, of which the organizer invited Qiu Yichuan-Director of Shanghai Shendi (Group) Co., Ltd., Guo Jingli-Executive Director/Chief Operation Planning Expert of Jiangsu East Property Institute, Ding Jiawen-Creative Director of Huayi Brothers Reality Entertainment Film Culture Content, Chen Jie-General Manager of Merlin Entertainment Group China, and Tang Shixian-General Manager of Kaiqi Group, and other guests attended to discuss the development direction and market trends of China's theme park industry, to promote the development and transformation of the Chinese theme amusement industry.

Highlights of the Summit

QiuYichuan , Director of Shanghai Shendi (Group) Co., Ltd, delivered a keynote speech

Representatives of Leading Enterprises Attended the Summit

Summit Reception

YangXiaodong (middle seat), General Manager of Suzhou Branch and Chen Pan (right seat), Marketing Director are communicating closely with the participants

Chen Pan (left seat), Marketing Director, YuLiyang (right seat), Director of Consulting Solution

Galasys as adomestic top provider for themed amusement information an integrated linkage plan across industries, regions and groups. It has already provided global integrated management platform and other related professional services for various large-scale tourism development group and tourist attraction operators.

During the summit, Galasys presented its professional service and leading smart tourism information products to all the professionals participating in the summit.

Smart Tourism Information Products:

1) Ticketing system

2) Commodity and catering system

3) Smart card system

4) Theater system

5) Spa resorts system

6) Ski resort system

7) Cruise and car system

8) Distinctive town system

Professional Services:

1) Support various financial payment methods

2) All-for-one tourism smart marketing CLOTA platform

3) Cloud platform structure

4) Fundamental strength for hardware design, research and development

5) Professional training and after-sales team

To better seize the development opportunity of the industry and rise up to the upgrading challenge of the industry, over 500 participants from government departments, industrial associations, project developers/operators, industrial service providers are invited to gathered here at Shanghai, discussing the development direction and future trend of themed amusement industry. The applause and discussion announced a successful end of the two-day summit.