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Galasys's Support for Changsha HB Town on Creating the Cross-Business Park-Touring Experience

The release date:2018-12-28

Galasys is a subsidiary of Beijing Shiji Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to building anall-for-one smart tourism cloud platform and serves as a travel destination integrated management solution provider, providing an integrated linkage plan across industries, regions and groups. At present, the company has helped China's top cultural travel group/tourism complex to upgrade and transform its business model, and provides online and offline operation management systems and various related professional services for theme parks, cultural tourism towns, natural areas, hot springs, water parks, ski resorts, theaters, cruise ships, resorts, etc.

The re-cooperation between Galasys and Huayi Brothers has realized the all-for-one integrated operation management system of "tourist attractions + hotel + X", providing the film town with an upgraded new platform architecture information system (software and hardware, with face/fingerprint recognition function), ticketing, hotel reservation management system, annual card membership system, official website official microblog-construction, catering retail system, theater management system, back-office operation management system, third-party online distribution platform , operational data report analysis system, etc.

Changsha Huayi Brothers Film Town is located in Changsha City, Hunan Province. Hunan Province is located at the heart of the big economic belt built by the four economic circles, that is the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, the Central China Economic Circle, and the Sichuan-Chongqing Economic Circle. In the newly released in the "China's Top Ten Happy Capital Cities" of the National Big Data of CCTV Financial Channel "China Economic Life Survey 2015-2016", Changsha ranked first in the country's "Top Ten Happy Cities" and was selected for eight consecutive years. The road network of the resort town area has convenient traffic conditions, high accessibility and high accessibility for tourists.

As a leading integrated recreational group in China, Huayi Brothors covers film and television entertainment, brand licensing and real-scene entertainment, as well as Internet entertainment. In the future, it will put more endeavors in the integration of artist resources, the introduction of US film industry IP and cooperation with world classic IP, bringing richer and multi-element leisure and recreation experience to the Chinese people.

HB (Changsha) Film Town Park lies in the Dawang Mountain Resort in Central China's Hunan Xiangjiang New Area District and covers a total planning use land of 1,000 mu and a total construction area of 150,000 mu, with a total project investment exceeding 3 billion CNY. Theme of the project was chosen proceeding from the inheritance and development of Changsha history and the integration of multi culture. The Film Town Park chose the "Italian Style Town"and"Old Changsha Local Architecture"these two themes to introduce the keyword of "movie", and it intends to comprehensively create a consumer experience model that integrates multi-element movie Space such as entertainment, movie theme play, movie scene implantation, children's education and training, food and beverage shopping.

HB (Changsha) Film Town Park – Italian Town Multi-Business Layout

HB (Changsha) Film Town Park -- Old Changsha Town Multi-Business Layout

The operational characteristics of Changsha Huayi Brothers Film Town is centered on performing arts activities. It plans 200 theme activities throughout the year, focusing on two major themes: The first, the artistic activities with the style, with the Italian style and the old Changsha local flavor as the core; The second, film and television derivative product activities with dynamic; allowing visitors to form a unique leisure experience.